Are your ears blocked with wax? Professional Ear wax Removal

Principal Audiologist, Nick Modrovich performing earwax micro-suction.

Ear Microsuction & Ear Wax Removal

One of the first things people want to know when they start to have hearing problems is – Is it my hearing or earwax?

What is earwax anyway? Earwax or cerumen is not actually wax but is made up of a natural body oil called sebum. Earwax is designed to keep our delicate ears safe by slowing migrating out of the ear. It collects dead skin, dust, and debris along with it. This is what causes the waxy appearance.

Different people make different types of earwax. Earwax can be dry and flaky, or it can be oily and moist. It can sometimes cause pain and itchiness. In extreme cases, earwax can become impacted causing mild hearing loss, just like an earplug!

Why Earwax micro-suction is a gentler alternative…

Many people find syringing earwax to be uncomfortable and messy. Some people even feel dizzy. Micro-suction is a much gentler and safe alternative.

Earwax Removal Appointment…

Earwax micro-suction is the more gentle and more effective earwax removal alternative to ear syringing.

Our Audiologists are not only trained in ear wax removal. We are experts in hearing and therefore will always check your hearing after earwax removal. This way you always have certainty at the end of your appointment.

We use the latest video otoscopy to view your ear canals. We make sure there are no underlying issues that require medical attention. Patients enjoy being about to see inside their ears on the big screen.

Our ears are delicate and safe ear wax removal is our priority. The ear specialist will also perform a post-wax removal hearing check.

Last, but not least, your Audiologist is the best person to advise you on keeping your ears clean going forwards.

Ear wax is the most common cause of conductive hearing loss. The good news – it is reversible!

How to prepare for your ear wax micro-suction appointment?

If you know you make a lot of earwax and want to try micro-suction, you can help speed up the ease and comfort of the procedure, by softening the wax with a few drops of olive oil at room temperature the night before your appointment. This will assist the process at your appointment. Softer wax is much easier to remove than dry wax, and minimizes the need for additional appoitnments if the first attempt is unsuccessful. Some over-the-counter wax dissolving drops can make the ear wax more difficult to suction, we recommend olive oil or CleanEar drops, available for purchase from our clinic.

We offer a pensioner discount for earwax suction. We do charge a small fee for our time if no wax is present on the day of your appointment so it is best to confirm that your ears are blocked with your doctor prior to booking.

Nick and Heidi Modrovich – Principal Audiologists & Owners at Ability Hearing and Balance

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