Hearing protection is only useful if we use it. Traditional foam earplugs are effective only when they are inserted properly. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to inset foam earplugs properly. The entire foam plug should be completely flushed with the opening of your ear canal. Most of the time, people only insert half the foam plug into their ears which means they are not getting the hearing protection they need. Custom made ear plugs gives you the assurance that the plugs are made just for your ears for the ultimate hearing protection and comfort.

Most people do not know how to correctly insert foam ear plugs for them to be effective

Ability Hearing and Balance can provide a range of custom made noise plugs, swim plugs, sleep plugs and musicians’s plugs.

Custom earplugs are made for the individual ear shape after taking an impression of the ear canals and are made of high quality, long lasting, medical grade silicon material.

Noise Plugs are useful for protecting hearing and reducing the risk of noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus, noise plugs can reduce the ambient level of sound by up to 30dB.

If you are exposed to noise in the workplace, use machinery in the garden such as whippersnippers or lawnmowers, ride a motorbike, are involved in shooting clubs or motorsports, custom noise plugs will be beneficial to reduce the risk of damaging your hearing.

If you find it hard to sleep at night because of noises from outside or your partner’s loud snoring habit, sleep plugs offer the solution to turn down the level of noise, resulting in a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Custom sleep plugs are small and sit just in your ear canals to block out a significant amount of outside noise due to their snug fit to help you get a restful night’s sleep.

Swim Plugs are excellent to prevent ear infections. “Swimmers ear” is where water gets trapped in the ear canal. Some people prefer custom swim plugs just to improve their comfort when swimming. Available in a variety of colours and made of high quality silicon material, individualised swim plugs seal out water whilst staying firmly in place.

Swim plugs are available in fun colours…

Available in a variety of fun colours and made of high quality silicon material, individualised swim plugs seal out water whilst staying firmly in place

At Ability Hearing and Balance, we can make swim plugs for children as young as five years old.

Musicians need to take particular care protecting their hearing as they are exposed to high levels of sound regularly when practising and performing.

Musicians plugs are available in a range of sound attenuation levels, from 10dB for vocalists and acoustic guitarists, 15dB for string instrument players and bass guitarists, up to 25 dB for drummers and percussionists.

Special acoustic filters in musicians plugs are able to produce clear, distortion free listening coupled with a flat acoustic attenuation response to preserve the nuances across the frequency spectrum of music.

Ability Hearing and Balance can advise you on the best custom ear plug solution to suit your needs.

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