Covid and Hearing Loss – an Audiologist’s perspective

Covid Sudden Hearing losses need immediate medical attention

It goes without saying that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our daily lives. As Tasmanians start to settle into our “new normal”, the impact of the virus is only slowly beginning to come to light. Globally, there has been scattered reports of the long-term impact of the coronavirus on our hearing health.

Although the incidence of post Covid hearing loss remains relatively low. There is general consensus amongst hearing care professionals that a correlation exists.

What is Covid Hearing Loss?

Anecdotally, cases of COVID related sudden hearing losses appears to be on the raise.

“Within our audiology clinic, we are beginning to see an increasing handful of patients reporting ear problems 2 to 3 months following their COVID infections,” says Heidi Modrovich – Audiologist at Ability Hearing and Balance

“Within our audiology clinic, we are beginning to see an increasing handful of patients reporting ear problems 2 to 3 months following their initial infection,”

Symptoms of Covid Hearing Loss

“Symptoms of Covid-19 Hearing Loss can range from feelings of blocked ears, tinnitus, to significant sudden hearing losses,” says Heidi, “of course, we have to be careful of not attributing it directly to coronavirus as it could be coincidental.”

COVID related hearing loss symptoms range from sudden hearing loss in one or both ears in the months following initial COVID infection.

“However, you can’t completely discount it as coincidental either which is why we are often guided by what the patients tell us about the timing of their symptoms in relation to them developing COVID.”

Globally, there is still not a large amount of data available for COVID related sudden hearing loss. No cases have currently been reported for children. In adults, sudden COVID hearing losses appears to more commonly occur in one ear than both ears.

How is Covid Hearing Loss Treated?

“Currently, there is no standard protocol to follow as we still know so little about coronavirus related hearing loss. The main patient group we are most concerned about are those reporting sudden hearing losses post COVID.”

“It is important to seek urgent medical treatment if you have experienced a sudden hearing loss to limit the severity of long-term damage to your hearing.”

If you are suffering from a sudden hearing loss, be sure to contact your doctor or a diagnostic Audiologist as a matter of urgency. Patients need to be careful not to rush into being assessed for hearing aids in these cases as medical treatment may be effective.

If you suspect you are experiencing a COVID related hearing loss, seek medical treatment and support from an Audiologist immediately.

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Nick and Heidi Modrovich – Principal Audiologists & Owners of Ability Hearing and Balance

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