Confused by all the Hearing Aid Brands?

There are several main hearing aid brands that we get enquiries on… “Which is the best brand of hearing aid to purchase?” is a common question we get asked a lot.

The truth is the majority of hearing aid manufacturers have been designing and making devices for a very long time and are all established players in the market. Each manufacturer has their own special area of focus in terms of the direction they take when designing hearing aids.

There are several main hearing aid brands that we get lots of questions on… “Which is the best brand of hearing aid to purchase?” is a common question we get asked a lot.

Our audiologists have over 20 years of experience fitting hearing aids across all the different brands. When we advise our clients on the best make and model for their individual needs, we are mostly looking at their listening profile and lifestyle, and ease for use for their circumstance.

Nowadays, pretty much all brands of hearing aids will deliver superior sound quality to the listener, in both simple listening environments such as talking to one other person or listening to TV in quiet. What is more, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a hearing aid that will work well in cafes, and nosier situations such as restaurants, and all the major brands will deliver similar performance for most people.

So, what exactly are we looking at when we make a recommendation?

At Ability Hearing and Balance, we are Tasmanian owned and we do not have specific financial arrangements with any single manufacturer unlike the bigger chains.  For each individual client, we may look at factors such as mobile phone compatibility – not all hearing aids offer direct streaming for android phones, for example.

For another client, they may prefer to have an in-the-ear hearing aid that is rechargeable and at the moment, only one manufacturer offers this solution. Another client may be looking at an instant fit completely in the canal solution that is offered by a different manufacturer. 

How to choose a hearing aid
An independent hearing clinic that is not financiallly tied to any one manufacturer is the best place to get unbias clinical advice

In the case of experienced hearing aid users with very specific sound quality needs, we are able to draw on our experience working with all different brands to understand why the strategy used in one brand may be more suitable to an individual clinically then another. In any case, going to an independent locally owned clinic means that we are comfortable with a range of technology.

Ability Hearing and Balance is an independent, Tasmanian owned hearing clinic located across Tasmania. We fit all brands of hearing aids and pride ourselves on transparency and integrity. Our pricing is often thousands of dollars cheaper than the big chains so consider supporting a local small business. We value you as individuals. Contact us on 1300 EAR PRO (1300 327 776) to see why our clients choose to trust us with their hearing needs.

Nick and Heidi Modrovich – Principal Audiologists & Owners of Ability Hearing and Balance
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